Driven by the merge of heritage traditional tribal African patterns and sober and sophisticated European silhouettes.


Born in 2017, Mrs Jacobs saw the opportunity to introduce a colourful creative vision to the muted world of monochromatic and minimalistic fashion, finding balance between authentic African tribal patterns and elegant European style.


The wax print technique traces its origin back to Indonesia 150 years ago and was widely adopted by the deep-rooted weaving culture in the West African style. The method is called wax-resist dying as the wax resists the dye from bleeding into the cloth, the process transferring the detailed and empowering patterns to both sides of the fabric.

Mrs Jacobs was founded on these versatile patterns, falling in love with their relatable heritage and the feeling of standing out, making them accessible to everyone that shares the same appreciation and perspectives.

Evolving since the beginning of the Mrs Jacobs journey and working to emphasise our eco-conscious values for a more sustainable earth, we have started developing new methods for sustainable wax fabric production ourselves, still preserving the technique’s tradition.



Elegant European silhouettes juxtaposed with empowering ethnic heritage patterns are at our roots, creatively merging to make a contemporary statement on timeless style.

With our versatile wax patterns and unique products, we continue to encourage and support the vibrant and adventurous minds of our like-minded customers, embodying our sophisticated earthly selves, confident in exploring our wardrobe’s volume and colour.

Our philosophy to run small production orders provides our customers with a more unique identity and individuality